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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  August 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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. catching a killer, what it took to catch him. >> plus, making your vote count. this morning, a look at how the polls are looking so far. good morning, thanks for
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i'm paul mueller. the first thing we do every sunday morning, let's toss it to ed to see what the forecast is brewing. reporter: good morning. starting off mild, very muggy. you feel that up tick in humidity this morning. if you're going in for your morning jog, i'm sure you'll be breaking a sweat. if you're in bay shore, you're at 79 this morning, same for plant our weather watcher wendy in brooksville reporting 75 degrees. it's going to be a scorcher today. 93 degrees for your high temperature today at 3:00 p.m. that easterly flow is keeping our temperatures above average. it looks like that will continue. there are a few sprinkles, very hit and miss on the east coast of florida. in is the other -- this is the other system we've been tracking. this is invest 99. this big
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if you look closely, there's a lot of wind sheer that's still sort of shredding this system apart so it is expected to remain fairly weak but where does it go from here. most models take it into the southern gulf of mexico but from there, it's very much in the air. a lot of models curve in back to the nature coast of florida, some keep it in the gulf. one thing we are expecting is an increase in moisture. through your monday and into tuesday. that means our rain chances will start climbing here. even today, going to see say few sprinkles. we'll take you through the day's forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> get that umbrella out. all right, ed, thank you. this morning, a tarpon springs man is in custody after an argument turned deadly.
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suspect is going to be booked. mary, i guess it took a lot to get this guy behind bars. reporter: you're absolutely right. it took several different agencies including the tarpon springs police department, the clearwater police department, the florida department of law enforcement and the s.w.a.t. team to take this guy down. here is a look at the suspected killer, ed police say bentley and tarenzo smith were living at this motel when an argument broke out. bentley then reportedly portlanded out a gun -- pulled out a gun and shot the victim at close range. we caught up with smith's cousin last night. >> we can only, you know, stand together adds a family, you know. at this point in time, we're going be taking it pretty tough, because it being somebody really close to it
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boy, so, it's going to be tough. . reporter: now, bentley was found walking in the road on magnolia drive in clearwater. he was arrested without incident. this morning, we are still checking in with the jail to see when bentley is booked. when that does happen, we should get a new mug shot and get another look at this suspected killer. bentley is suspected to ve appearance in front of a judge tomorrow afternoon. >> so mary, they say a fight broke out. are they saying this morning what type of fight broke out, what they were arguing about? >> we're not getting exact details from police. they haven't named a motive in this killing but neighbors, we were out there at the motel yesterday, and they said it was a disagreement over money. >> over $10, all right. mary live in
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hospital after another kid shot him in the ankle. the shooter ran from the scene. fortunately, the victim is going to be okay. no word on his age or what led up to that shooting. tampa police have yet to identify the shooter. a traffic nightmare in south florida. just take a look at the video there. it speaks for itself. after the ground gives way, the southbound lanes o the turnpike. we're told the giant holes were caused by a broken water line. those sink holes aren't far from sun life stadium. no word this morning on when the turnpike will reopen there. now to coverage of our vote in the race for the white house. hillary clinton received her first national security briefing as the democratic presidential nominee.
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in white plains, new york, yesterday. as secretary of state, she routinely took place in such briefings. donald trump had his first briefing earlier this month. trump is spending time in iowa this week. saturday, he took part in the roast and ride funds raiser for johnny earnest. during the event, he blasted the state department's announcement that it will not release clinton's daily sc state until after election day. >> there's too much stuff on that. they want it after the election. it's only, no, it's terrible. it's terrible. it's protection from a corrupt, rigged system. it's disgusting. reporter: next week, mike pence will be in the bay area. wednesday, pence will visit st. pete for a fund raiser. then later in the day, pence will be in sarasota
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getting a lot of attention, florida senate race. on the republican side, marco rubio against carlos beruff and on the democratic side, patrick murphy facing off with congressman allen grayson. today is the last day to vote early for next tuesday's primary. as melissa shows us, turnout has been better than expected. reporter: so far, this is turning out to be a big year for early voters. >> i've alys was 18, but the early voting, it just makes it more convenience coming in on a saturday -- convenient coming in on a saturday as opposed to coming on a tuesday. reporter: it's a growing trend in the area. >> we're having a great turnout for voting. we've gotten back almost 80,000 vote by mail ballots. reporter: in the 2012 primary, hillsborough had just over
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this year, that number is closing in on 21,000. the voters we spoke with say it beats waiting in line. >> we've got a lot more voters. we've registered more than 100,000 more voters. >> major parties are going to elect their people to move forward. reporter: it isn't just about political parties. >> we've got school board races and judge races that are going to be determined at the primary so it's important to come out and vote in the primary. er what your party affiliation. reporter: then we look ahead to election day on tuesday. >> i think it's a big year. it's huge. every registered voter should cast a vote. reporter: some early election sites will be open until tomorrow, others closed today. we have a list on >> melissa, thank you so much. >> still ahead, scary moments in the sky.
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florida failing mid flight. this morning, the horrifying moments as the pilot had to make an emergency landing. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. t again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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tchling. >> resurrect. a flight from new orleans
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lost part of an engine in midair. the plane diverted to pensacola. >> passenger say it sounded like an explosion. >> we were just zoned out and then all of a sudden, it was that huge, loud noise. reporter: it happened saturday morning, about 20 minutes after takeoff. the flight forced to make an emergency landing in pensacola after losing an engine. >> southwest 3472 right or left engine, and fuel, and cells on board. >> okay, it's the left engine. reporter: passenger photos show the front of the engine inlet missing a gash on the fuselage. >> i looked back and saw something missing and knew something was wrong. reporter: no one was injured. >> i thought it was a terrorist attack because it was that loud explosion and everyone started freaking out. reporter: southwest called it
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1 engine. the airline bought the plane in 2000. >> we're grateful that we were so safe and watched over. reporter: the airplane has been taken out of service, the ntsb is investigating. >> southwest is refinding customers money for that -- refunding customer's money for that flight and giving them $500 for future travel. >> still ahead, mother nature put their strength to young gymnasts were able to over come a loss. now they're getting a second chance. we'll show you the heartwarming gift they just received. ed. >> [technical difficulties] a lot of activity out in the pacifics. [inaudible]
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. the story of a second chance for young gymnasts in oklahoma. a tornado last year appeared to put their dreams on hold but instead of giving up, they 11ed how to persevere -- learned how to persevere. dave gutierrez takes us inside the new complex and introduces us to inspirational young athletes. reporter: for sheridan ramsey,
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something you thought you couldn't get through. reporter: she's one of other athletes who's strength was tested. >> when the tornado hit, that was the scariest part. reporter: jennifer patterson is the gym's founder. >> my first thought was the kids are safe. reporter: credited with saving the children's lives by huddling them in the basement >> it is sad. >> you know what, we're going to be bigger and better than ever, aren't we? >> since then, with no permanent space, practice has been a struggle. the future of the gym up in the air. the girls told replacing the building could take four years. >> i'm thinking some of these girls may not ever get to experience that if it takes that long. >> it seems like forever. >> it seems like forever. reporter: so on this day as
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is a birthday party at an established studio in town, they have no idea that a local businessman with a $1 million donation will allow them to keep this gym for themselves. >> welcome to your new gym. reporter: the moment it dawns on sheridan ramsey and her friends. >> this is a nice gym. [ cheering and applause ] >> means more than any medal. >> they never lost hope. when you have faith in something that yourself, that miracles can happen. >> it has definitely made me love the sport even more now that i know like i am stronger than a tornado. reporter: a lesson learned off the mat that sometimes the most powerful strength is resilience. . that certainly puts a smile on your face this morning. something else ought to put
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forecast. not looking bad at all for today. most of the day, you should be good to go along the coastline. as we start getting past 4:00 in the afternoon, the rain chances along the beaches will increase and the heat will be on. 91 degrees, going to be on. just a little sea breeze developing and a moderate chop along bay and inland waters. 79 degrees at 8:00. warm, muggy, then we'll have a hot afternoon at 93. a good thunderstorms developing inland and pushing back towards the coast. right now, starting your day at 81. warm in st. pete, 77 for bartow and arcadia. 79 in tampament there's max radar, very quiet this morning. we've still got this very strong easterly flow. a few sprinkles along the i-95 corridor. as we go through the day, we'll
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pushing toward the west coast of the state. to the south, it's this area of low pressure, this tropical wave dropping heavy rain over cuba. already reporting nearly half a foot of rain on the northern half of cuba there. also showers working into the florida keys. this is part of an active tropical atlantic. three areas of concern. in the atlanta, we have now hurricane gaston. -- atlantic, we have now hurricane gaston. let's focus on invest 99l. the latest plots take this through the florida straits. once it gets in the gulf there, are questions about where this will goment its been difficult to nail down the -- go. it's been difficult to nail down the forecast because it has been so weak. all interest along the gulf of mexico need to be paying close attention to this one. there's gaston, could get stronger in the next couple of days.
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storms developing later in the day. by 5:00 this afternoon, you'll be dealing with thunderstorms along highway 19. later tomorrow morning, we'll drying. rain chances increase a bit as moisture increases. that all hinges on what happens with invest 99l. we'll be keeping a close eye on that system. today, rain chances will be greater farther south. generally 50% south of i-4. our northern counties completely miss out on the rain today. rain chances ramp up, 60% for tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures will be in the upper 80s. morning lows in the 70s. we've had a lot of out reach on facebook asking why is it to difficult to determine where this will go. >> just because of. >> it's because it's so weak and models have not been able to pinpoint a center. the hurricane hunters will be investigating this later today.
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>> yeah, i think so. >> ed, thank you so much. >> still ahead, the rays visit the astros and the rowdies, well they do something they haven't done in two weeks, can you guess what i'm talking about? >> plus, we look at what has been dubbed the highlight of the year already. see what a high school star did, you saw it, but you've got to see it again.
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. buried in the headlines, the ray did say a very rays thing friday night. tampa bay rallied from a 3-nothing deficit and took the lead in the top of the 9th inning only to blow it and handing houston a 5-4 walk off win. snell hoping for a less cruel fate last night and they get the astros jump out to a 4-nothing lead. snell got roughed up, nine hits, four earns in just three innings of work. the rays get a couple back in the fifth though. wilson launches a 2-run dinger but the astros win. averager faces fist -- archer faces fister in the game this afternoon. >> the rowdies hosting okc. tampa bay
7:26 am
streak that ballooned to 317 minutes until that. it was still 1-nothing in the 70th minute. a pass, now he's usually sergeant pepper but he had to settle for lonely heart club status last night. tampa bay wins 2-nothing. if you're a than of tampa bay's other football team, you have to be pleased with what you saw saturday. the thanks to two touchdown passes and eight sacks from the defense. the third preseason game is generally regarded as a dressed rehearsal for the regular season. >> you've got to get better every week. like i say, that's how the nfl works. you know. we look good today but we got so much more to get better at. you know, i have so much more to get better at to make this game really go.
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hankering for bonus bucs, i recommend bucs bonus, that's tonight. if you missed week one of the high school blitz. i will show you the best, malik johnson do a barrel roll. johnson has become an overnight celebrity. this it was no. 1 play on espn, everywhere. what's going to happen next week on the blitz, you're going to have to watch to find out. >> and that's it for sports, i'm paul ryan. >> it's like football meets gymnastics. >> still ahead, adding insult to injury, tropical weather could make the zika crisis here in florida worse. >> plus, we're still in sea turtle nesting season, we're going to show you what you should
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crawling on the beach. it's 7:27, you're watching up to news
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>>good morning everybody. the time now, 7:30 on sunday morning. thank you for joining us. a quick look at our top stories. florida bracing for a 1-2 punch. mounting
7:31 am
potentially more rain from an impending tropical system that could make things worse. >> and we may have help in the fight against zika and we're talking about bats. some may fear them but experts are saying it may be time to give them a warm welcome. >> and as sea turtle nesting season wraps up, its time for the little guys to hatch. as they make their way to the ocean, remember, you can look but don't touch. force . time to get ur at the weather. here's ed. reporter: i'll tell you what, we're going be sweltering today doing a lot of sweating as the temperatures really start to climb. we had a high of 94 yesterday. we're going to come close to that today. low to mid 90s. we'll have the chance of rain to cool us down this afternoon. already starting off warm at 81 in st. pete, 79 for tampa and plant city and you are 77 in crystal river. satellite and radar
7:32 am
just a few showers on the east coast of florida. here's invest 99l, this cluster of convection sitting over the florida straits. here's the latest run of all forecast models. looks to move the system through the florida straits and from there, a lot of question marks as to where this goes. we're going to have to keep a close eye on it. 79 this afternoon, storms dropping after 12:00. rain chances will be on the upswing for your monday and certainly by next week. these rain chancing highly dependant on what happens with our area of disturbed weather as it enters the gulf of mexico. we're going to preview what you can expect for the full work week ahead. >> paul.
7:33 am
systems carry another potential danger as well. further fueling the zika threat. while communities here in florida prepare for bad weather, thousands in the midwest are dealing with aftermath of another severe weather system. this morning, janet takes a closer look. reporter: with more than 40 people in florida already effected by the zika virus, growing fears more rain could increase the threat. the soaking will put yi on hold, wash away existing pesticide and create more of the perfect mosquito breeding ground, standing water. >> look at your property, drain it, cover it so that we don't have an excess number of mosquitoes. reporter: not just a recommendation, miami beach is threatening fines up to a thousand dollars. >> if anyone doesn't comply, public health
7:34 am
rain and storms friday night. the water taking many by surprise. holly became stranded when her car started floating down a flooded under pass. >> so i had to kick my door in and get out. thank god i didn't have my gary in the car. i would have -- daughter in the car, i would have freaked out. reporter: downed trees became road blocks in indiana. in missouri, a half foot of rain in entire neighborhoods under water. this is what it looked like driving during the deluge. rising water turned roads into rivers, drivers were stranded all over the area. >> in the meantime, as zika fears are on the rise, bats are becoming welcome guests throughout the state. the florida fish and wildlife commission is pushing to get more bat boxes in the state. they're actually man made
7:35 am
for birds. most can house about 50 or more bats at one time. each bat can eat as many as 1,000 mosquitoes and other flying insects in an hour. some people say they never thought of the idea of getting a bat box, but say they might now. >> i think it would be a really good natural way to eliminate the problem or at least reduce the problem. >> while we're sleeping, bats will be eating mosquitoes, so i'm for it. reporter: sleeping, all right. experts admit it's difficult to gauge the effectiveness of bat boxes. our web team has put together everything you need to know about the zika virus, just head to hands off that, is the warning this morning wildlife officials have for sea turtles
7:36 am
upon one of these creatures. reporter: with blue water and soft sand, florida's beaches are a natural draw for humans and many breeds of beautiful wildlife. so encounters with creatures like the sea turtle are common. >> i looked down the drain and i saw one turtle. reporter: just this week, a 4 year old boy spotted baby sea turtle trap in a drain. calling volunteers and officers for help. >> if they would have been in there for probably another hour, they would have been dead in this water. reporter: according to biologists, that's what the little boy should have done. efforts like helping a sea turtle leave itself nest or picking it up and placing it in the ocean are not good ideas. some beachgoers we caught up with know the drill. >> first thing, leave it owe alone. you're -- alone. you're not supposed to touch
7:37 am
in trouble, i would call animal services. reporter: those with the fwc sea turtle management program say it takes a few days for these hatchlings to dig out of their nests and once they are out, they are vulnerable to predators. any distractions on the way to the sea can be debtly including bright lights from as the sea. if you want to help, hands off, turn your lights off at night and let these guys make it to the sea the way nature planned for them to do. >> all right, picking up a sea turtle hatchling to take a photo or messing with the nests is against the law. you're asked to call the hot line if you see stranded or dead sea turtles. we have that on our website,
7:38 am
of the sea turtle hatchlings. >> no. >> we invite you to send pictures of the weather, but not of the 4567 lings. >> we -- hatchlings. >> we would appreciate sun rise pictures. >> has the sun risen, we have been inside so long. >> yeah, its up. this is from yesterday. >> that's beautiful. >> lauren clark, got to love those colors. how about that one, tony, wow is right. safety
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. have you tried it? there's a new trend this summer. some families are opting to skip the lines and cost at amusement parks and build their own roller coasters in their backyards. rides ranging from similar it will turns to all out loopty loops. this morning, we go for a . >> are you ready for this? >> yes. >> you got your gopro ready? >> yes. >> you got your roller coaster ready? >> yes. reporter: there are certain perks that come with being the grandson of a retired boeing engineer, like unlimited roller coaster rides. >> i like when i feel weightless. it's just kind of a woosh. reporter: it started when he
7:42 am
sent his grandfather this drawing. >> it wasn't one of my best drawings. >> this is a roller coaster. >> yeah. reporter: where most might see scribbles, greg saw twists and turns and endless smiles. >> we started out small and somehow it got out of control. there's three of them now. reporter: check out what we found across america. one in indiana has a full loop. not everyone think this is is a good idea and concerns over a lack of regulation. >> we have strict rules about what we're town and where people can stand when people -- doing and where people can stand when people are riding. we try to be as safe as possible. reporter: will says it's been a lesson in math and safety for parker and olivia. >> it took quite a bit of work to mutt the pieces together. reporter: -- put the pieces together. reporter: they built their coaster for
7:43 am
disneyland would cost. >> and disneyland has aligns. >> yeah, this has a line of two people, at the most. reporter: ten seconds of joy again, and again. >> one more time and then your turn. reporter: forever remembered as the summer they belt roller coasters in their . >> let's look at the tropics. invest 99l looking to develop. we also have 91l. in the atlantic, we have a strong category one hurricane by the name of gaston. those systems will likely stay out to sea and have no impact on our area. this one, that's a different story.
7:44 am
spaghetti plots agreeing that this is going head through the florida straits. once it gets to the gulf, there's still a lot of question marks. the models have had a hard time pinning this down. some take it into the central gulf, some take it to the western gulf. it's all [inaudible] along the gulf coast. they need be wary of this system. locally, we're likely to see increased rain chances from this system. 88 degrees by noonment a few storm -- noon. a few storms forming later this afternoon. temperatures in the 70s to near 80s degrees. the strong easterly flow. we've been stuck in this for the last couple of days. that looks to continue today as well.
7:45 am
then through the afternoon and early evening, it will start pushing towards the coast. want to watch out for heavy downpours and frequent cloud-to-ground lightning as well. as we go into monday, a dry start but with slightly higher moisture, may see a few more showers and thunderstorms fire up in the afternoon. as that disturbance moves into the gulf, we get more of a southerly flow tuesday into wednesday. exactly where that goes will for today, we're thinking the lower rain chances to the north. higher rain chances south of i- 4. watch as those rain chances climb into tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. keeping a close eye on where this areas of investigation tracks. we figure temperatures will be at least cooler. 88 for wednesday and then back to typical summertime weather by next weekend. >> lots of work going on over there.
7:46 am
this system. again, its been a very difficult one to forecast but we'll give you the latest. >> 24 hour, let's see how it pans out. ed, thank you so much. >> when it comes to traffic stops, do you really know your rights? coming up, if not, there's an app for that. yeah, there's an app for that. it may be educational but can speak for you.
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staples. make more happen. . a colorado man has inseptembered an app with the -- invented an app with the intention of reducing violence during traffic stops.
7:50 am
enforcement and drivers during traffic stops. >> who is familiar with the fourth amendment. >> personally, i had trouble knowing exactly what my rights were when it came to being pulled over by the police. >> or how about the fifth. >> what should i say. reporter: both are important to know when you're pulled over. >> i started doing research and i found out that my rights were quite a bit different than what i thought they would be. reporter: that's why brian took his curiosity and developed it into an app. >> i thought name. >> called copwise. when you open the app, it starts recording. >> you use that in court as evidence for you. reporter: it also has a resource area where you can read up on your rights. >> if you say yes, i was going this certain speed, you're ultimately pleading guilty to what you're doing. reporter: if you don't know what to say,
7:51 am
>> officer, i now wish to invoke my fourth and fifth amendment rights. >> sometimes people get aggravated or nervous or they just have trouble talking to police, so this just kind of helps people with an alternative. reporter: he believes it's a positive tool for both civilians and law enforcement. >> if we understand what our rights are and they understand what they're rights are, it helps both sides. it helps to not escalate the situation. and android for 2.99. a consumer alert, 15,000 whirlpool microwaves recalled due to a fire hazard. this includes the hood combinations all sold from january 2014 through april 2016. the firm says plastic components may ignite during use. we have posted all the
7:52 am
know on >> still ahead, ed has a final look at the forecast. >> plus, want the best bang for your educational buck? it might sound superficial but when it comes to picking college professors, you may want to know how they look. time now, 7:52, keep it here. donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured.
7:53 am
7:54 am
. at the movies this weekend, we go back
7:55 am
crowds and the combatants treated like kings. roberto durand was one of the men. . >> durand should fight no one but me. >> it's a clash of titans in hands of stone. this tells the trustier of roberto durand. >> afternoons of -- hands of stone is rated r. >> you have 36 hours to eliminate all of the targets on this list. >> the sequal to mechanic resurrection is rated r. >> temporary paralysis? >> they thought it was a weight thing. >> john [inaudible] in the hollars. he's a new york artist returning to
7:56 am
but is greeted by the same old stuff including tension with a high school rival and an aggressive high school girlfriend. >> so what's this boy's name? >> barack obama. >> barack o whatt? this film is based on the meeting of lawyer michelle robinson with an associate at her office named barack obama. michelle refuses at first a date but after a day with the young man, she changes her mind. . >> all right, finally this morning, do you learn more if your teacher or professor is good looking? this is a serious question. a group of researchers conducted a simple southeastern and the answer, -- experiment and the answer, yes. experts found students remembered more lectures if they thought the
7:57 am
this study? >> i don't know. i think if the professor was attractive, i would be looking at them more and not learning. >> yeah, you would be foe kissing less on their books and more on what they look like. >> i'm going to zip it. >> all right. quick check of invest 99 expected to roll into the southern gulf, from there, still a lot of questionsful we'll bring you updates over the next couple of days. >> so we have a lot to loo. next 24 hours. >> our next newscast an hour
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to know that i'm doing the right thing
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. hillary clinton is a bigot. >> like a bomb fell wn. >> just price gouging is morally bankrupt. >> i over story. good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. long time no see. i'm happy to be back after the olympic break. i'm no simone biles, i can't do a cartwheel. we'll catch up on the presidential campaign and we're hanging out with fred and his


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